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The Benefits of Removals and Container Storage in Wokingham

While Sunnyside Removals are located in Hampshire, we’re always on hand to provide services in nearby Berkshire. Wokingham is just one of many towns we cover in the county and, like all good house removal companies, we make great service an absolute priority for customers in the area. These customers already know that no two removal companies are the same, especially when it comes to specialist services such as container storage.


Container storage is a perfect option for customers in Wokingham who are unable to finish the removals process in a single day. This can happen for any number of reasons but usually, we find it’s more likely for somebody to need container storage if they are downsizing, left waiting for tenants to move out or stalling a move while maintenance work is carried out.


There are very few house removal companies with container storage facilities in the region, and even less removal companies who have them in Wokingham. Sunnyside Removals are located in Fleet, just 11 miles from Wokingham, so access to our container storage units is really simple and they provide a wealth of unique user benefits for local customers.


Downsizing – If you’re moving from a larger home in Wokingham to somewhere smaller, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of room for your important personal belongings first. Placing non-essential items into container storage facilities gives you the chance to plan room layouts and then to add to them if sufficient space is still available.


Waiting for Tenants – There’s not much fun to being stuck in a chain that isn’t moving, particularly if you have to be out of your Wokingham property before tenants have moved out of your new home. Sunnyside Removals can keep your belongings in container storage units until such time as you’re ready to move in, however long this happens to be.


Like all reputable house removal companies, we can transport your belongings to your new property as soon as you’re there and willing to accept them.


Property Maintenance – Some house removal companies in the Wokingham area will cancel a relocation while essential property works are ongoing unless they have their own (or access to third party) storage facilities. Container storage is considered a much better alternative to moving belongings into a home where they could be damaged by tradesmen.


Importantly, we remind our Wokingham customers that all container storage units at our premises in Fleet are dry, clean and monitored by today’s most innovative alarm and CCTV systems. Very few removal companies can match our onsite facilities or our prices, and you’ll always have easy access to your belongings because we have flexible working hours.

Looking for first-class house removal companies in Wokingham? Call Sunnyside Removals now on 01252 616 633 for removals and container storage facilities.