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Professional Removals in Windsor | Packing Fragile Items

Home removals can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re worried about potential breakages along the way. To avoid this happening, choose from the top, reliable house removal companies in the Windsor, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas. At Sunnyside Removals UK Ltd, we are proud to be part of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Our local removal company takes special care of any precious cargo with integrated packing services and secure container storage facilities.


Find out how to securely pack your valuables and any fragile possessions ready for local, nationwide and international removals on this page.

Tips for Packing Valuables During Removals

  • Place newspaper, packing material (bubble-wrap or polystyrene) or fabric (cloths, towels or clothing) between each item in a box. House removal companies strongly recommend this to prevent your belongings from moving about in the van.
  • Label the contents of your boxes clearly by writing “FRAGILE” on both the sides and top of the box. Windsor customers should ensure the label is visible when boxes are being loaded and unloaded from the removal company van, or removed from our container storage facilities in Fleet.
  • Reinforce boxes by taping the inside seams and placing pieces of cardboard at the bottom for a supporting base. This is a top tip recommended by removal companies for the heaviest and most fragile items.
  • Fasten sheets of bubble-wrap around larger objects with packing tape if they can’t be boxed. The better house removal companies in Windsor will come prepared with the means to secure these items with tethers and fabric coverings.

How to Pack Kitchenware

  • Wrap each plate into a parcel with sheets of packing paper then place them on top of each other. Add more packing material in between the edges of the box and the sides of plates to protect against impact during removals from Windsor properties.
  • Glasses, mugs and bowls should be packed separately in a similar way to plates. They can easily be stacked with tissue or packing paper moulded around their shape.
  • Kitchenware can shift around during removals so fill out space with protective materials. Don’t over-pack contents which could knock into each other. Packing out space will also protect kitchenware if you decide to keep it at our removal company’s container storage facilities, situated not too far from Windsor in Fleet, Hampshire.
  • Ensure boxes are manageable enough to carry. If you prefer, house removal companies can do the packing and loading for you.

Packing Mirrors and Frames

  • Cover mirrors with packing material to avoid cracks, such as blankets or cotton sheets. Layer with bubble-wrap then tape horizontally and vertically to keep layers fixed together. This will help protect removals kept in container storage for long-term periods too.
  • Tape glass around the edges of picture frames to hold it in place during removals from your Windsor property. This will stop the glass moving and damaging the picture beneath. Follow the same wrapping technique to layer your mirrors.
  • Explain what each object is to the removal company’s team. This will highlight how fragile your items are if it isn’t clear from the shape or the label on the box. House removal companies train their employees to handle removals with care and extra precautions are taken for fragile items. Large fragile items, such as mirrors and picture frames that can’t fit into boxes, will be secured separately in the van.


At Sunnyside Removals, we use robust, recyclable boxes as part of our removal company’s packing service, which are available to customers in Windsor, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. These are suitable for protecting your belongings during removals or if you need to keep them safe at our container storage facility in Fleet.


Our packing service is also recommended for European and international removals, which are carried out by a skilled team which is trained to Export Packer standards.

House removal companies can help with packing items during removals. Call us on 01252 616 633 for help with fragile items when moving from your Windsor property.