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House Removal Companies in Sunningdale

At Sunnyside Removals UK Ltd, our company proudly represents the British Association of Removers (BAR). Sunningdale customers can expect house removal companies of our calibre to deliver a superior level of service. We are fully insured and experienced enough to handle your belongings on local, nationwide and international removals. Sunnyside also provide secure container storage facilities. You can rely on our skilled team of movers to carry out your removals efficiently while meeting BAR’s quality and safety standards.


When the big day finally arrives, it’s important to make sure your Sunningdale property is a safe environment for removals. Find out how our removal company can help you to keep the process running smoothly and free from potential hazards.

Health and Safety Tips for Moving Day

Handling Heavy Boxes


Always label heavy or fragile boxes so the removal company’s team stays aware of the contents. When stacking your belongings, keep boxes of the same size and weight in separate piles. This will prevent boxes falling over or buckling underneath. During removals, the bigger, heavier items tend to be loaded into the removal van first so it is best keep these all together and in an accessible area closest to where the van will be parked.


Customers in Sunningdale can take advantage of our packing services, which will prevent boxes being overpacked. If boxes are too heavy, they can cause strain to your back or your muscles during lifting and carrying. Staff from house removal companies are trained to handle removals safely. Heavy boxes can be a danger, especially if there are stairs to negotiate or several floors to clear at your Sunningdale property.


Clearing Access to Your Property


It is important to have access points cleared of obstacles before house removal companies arrive. Check gates, pathways, entrances and hallways, the front or back garden and all floors inside your Sunningdale home. This will prevent anyone tripping over misplaced obstructions whilst carrying out removals. Ensure there is no loose carpeting, flooring, wiring or cabling laying around, all of which could prove to be hazardous too.


If you have bulky or surplus items getting in the way of a move, they can be held in container storage at our facility in Fleet. Container storage is ideal for decluttering properties while removals are taking place. Units are also suitable for the long-term storage of belongings which might take up too much space in your new home. Sunningdale customers can leave surplus belonging with us until space is made to accommodate them.


Organising and Packing Boxes


Before the team from our removal company arrives, it’s best to have boxes and furniture organised in individual rooms and ready to be loaded directly onto the van. Any boxes or pieces of furniture you don’t need in your new home can be set aside and taken to our container storage facilities in Fleet for safekeeping. If you need help with packing up, house removal companies such as our own provide materials and assistance.


Our Sunningdale customers can benefit from their belongings being expertly packed by removal companies and avoiding potential breakages or boxes collapsing under weight.


Removals Insurance


Our removal company is fully insured to transport your belongings using a fleet of vehicles to local destinations around Sunningdale, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, and all nationwide locations. We also undertake European and international removals. House removal companies associated with BAR are fully insured so you’re always protected in the unlikely event of the unthinkable happening and items being damaged.


For homeowners in Sunningdale using our short-term or long-term container storage units, Sunnyside Removals promise to monitor your goods through 24-hour CCTV coverage. A Red Care alarm system is installed at our premises in Fleet to keep everything safe and secure.

Need help with a move from one of the longest-serving house removal companies in Berkshire? Call Sunnyside Removals on 01252 616 633 or 0845 602 5063.