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Reliable Removals in Sandhurst | Your Personal Needs Covered

No two removal companies are ever the same and we think that can only be a good thing for customers in Sandhurst – as long as they’re choosing the right one, of course! Sunnyside Removals have covered the Sandhurst area since 1980 and our sector has changed quite a bit since then. Today, we offer additional services such as packing and container storage.


These small things set us apart from other house removal companies in the region.


On this page, we discuss what you can expect from Sunnyside Removals if you’re planning to relocate from Sandhurst to a new home. We’ll discuss the removal itself, why you should consider our packing services and how you can make the transition from one property to another much easier by using our dedicated container storage facilities in Fleet.


Planning is the key to all successful removals and we’ve found that this requires excellent communication between our own team and our customers in Sandhurst. Some house removal companies will leave most of the hard work to the client but we feel that’s just a little unfair. We’re the professionals, after all, and it’s us who should be advising you.


We’ll give you key information on how to prepare your appliances and white goods ahead of removals, and we’ll also advise you on the small things such as mail redirection, notifying the bank of your move and preparing your non-essential items for transport from Sandhurst to Fleet if you’re planning to use our ever-popular container storage facilities.

Packing Services

While the vast majority of removal companies in or around Sandhurst can supply you with packing materials, very few can actually take care of the packing itself. We know that removals are stressful enough for our customers, and our packing services are ideal for anybody who might be feeling the pressure ahead of a home or office relocation.


Sunnyside Removals can arrive to pack your personal belongings safely and, because we’re fully insured, you’ll always be covered in the very rare instances where accidental breakages occur. We can even assist customers in the Sandhurst area needing help with specialist removals by providing packing services for valuables and for musical instruments.

Container Storage

If you’re relocating from Sandhurst to a smaller property, you may not know what to do with non-essential items which may or may not fit into your new home. We can provide container storage for these items at competitive rates which nearly always beat those offered by house removal companies who use third-party service providers for storage.


Container storage is also a perfect choice for those who have to vacate an existing property in the Sandhurst area but who don’t have a new home to move into straight away. Removals can be made from your current home direct to our container storage facilities in Fleet and, once you move in, we’ll transport your personal belongings to your new address.

For removals, packing services and container storage in Sandhurst, call Sunnyside Removals now on 01252 616633. We’re ready and waiting to take your call.