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Choosing House Removal Companies in Guildford

When it comes to home removals, you may be torn between hiring a removal company or a ‘Man and Van’ service. Here, we’ll help you decide which one is most suited to you. House removal companies, such as Sunnyside Removals UK Ltd, can benefit you with a complete range of services. Established since 1980, we guarantee a hassle-free moving experience for Guildford homeowners, that includes help with packing and access to our secure container storage facilities in Fleet if you need them.


On this page, we explain the main differences between removal companies and ‘Man and Van’ services.

Removal Companies vs. ‘Man and Van’



House removal companies provide a team of movers who are trained to handle removals of any type and size. If you have large, fragile, oddly-shaped or what we might consider to be specialist items (such as valuable paintings or large musical instruments), you can rely on our removal company to move them safely out of your Guildford property. This might not be the case with a ‘Man and Van’ service.


Even in the unlikely event of something going wrong, we carry full public liability insurance. Your typical ‘Man and Van’ service provider is unlikely to have as comprehensive a policy as we do, while some traders of this type possibly won’t have any insurance at all.


Packing and Container Storage


Customers in Guildford and the surrounding Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas can take advantage of a first-class packing service provided by our removal company. This service is ideal for homeowners with busy schedules or greater volumes of boxes that need to be packed in a shorter space of time.


Unlike ‘Man and Van’ providers and even many other house removal companies, you can also hire secure container storage from us to hold items on a short or long-term basis. At Sunnyside Removals, you can rest assured knowing belongings held at our container storage facility in Fleet are monitored by CCTV and protected by a Red Care alarm system.


Number of Boxes


No matter what capacity you need, we can fit your belongings in our transport securely. Our removal company vans are available in a range of sizes to suit different customer requirements around Guildford. When using a ‘Man and Van’, there might not be adequate space to perform removals in a single journey, resulting in multiple trips between your properties often at greater expense.

With house removal companies, clients pay a fixed and competitive rate for the full service. You’ll never need to worry about paying more than the original expected price should your removals exceed the delivery timeframe, which rarely happens anyway. If you have additional boxes for storing, these can be taken to our container storage facility in Fleet.




Depending on the distance between your previous Guildford property and your new home, you might consider ‘Man and Van’ services as a viable option if your new premises are nearby. However, house removal companies like our own are suited to both shorter and longer trips and removals inside the local area are likely to be just as cost-effective as using a ‘Man and Van’ service.


Our removal company also has the ability to travel much further distances. In addition to helping people in the local Guildford, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas, we undertake nationwide, European and international removals.

How Our Removal Company Can Help You

The quality of our removal company is reflected in our memberships to the British Association of Removers (BAR) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). As one of the top house removal companies for residents in Guildford, we specialise in providing domestic removals, commercial removals and container storage services at competitive prices.

If you live in Guildford and are looking for house removal companies in the local area, for removals or container storage, call us today on 01252 616 633 or 0845 602 5063.