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Removals & Container Storage in Godalming for Domestic Customers

Once you’ve fixed a date to move out of your Godalming home, the next important steps are to organise what needs to be packed and to find house removal companies available in the nearby Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey areas. At Sunnyside Removals UK Ltd, our local removal company offers packages to suit you, which include additional packing services or handy container storage facilities located in Fleet.


If you are looking for help with packing your belongings for, find out below where the best places are in Godalming to find the packing materials you need. If you can’t find any, don’t worry, our removal company can supply them to you at a very competitive price.


We also offer you tips on recycling and how to box up your belongings for removals or container storage.

House Removal Companies – Packing Tips

To get an idea of how much property will need loading into the removal company’s van, it’s best to get everything neatly boxed. This helps you to visualise the size of removals and also helps house removal companies to provide vehicles with the right capacity. You’ll also be able to separate removals from rarely used items that can be kept in container storage.


Where to Get Boxes From


There are many places around Godalming where you can find discarded boxes for free. Local businesses, such as supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, retail stores and bookshops, receive cardboard boxes with deliveries. These tend to take place early in the morning so it’s best to ask for any spare boxes as soon as the shop opens.

You can also check specialist websites, such as ‘Freecycle’ or ‘Freegle’.


Remember, most boxes can be reinforced with packing tape and extra pieces of cardboard for heavier removals, especially if they are a bit worn or flimsy.


Top house removal companies, such as Sunnyside Removals, offer packing services in Godalming. Our team is skilled at packing boxes for local, nationwide and international removals. We also have a large collection of packing materials available and container storage units for rent.


Ensure Boxes Are Properly Loaded


Our family-run removal company provides Godalming customers with a friendly and efficient team of movers who know the correct way to load boxes. It can be all too easy to forget about health and safety when loading, especially when in a hurry, so be sure to ask for help if loading boxes. We take the time needed to handle belongings with care and to ensure boxes are not over packed or too heavy to carry.

House removal companies which are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) ensure all removals comply with health and safety regulations. As proud BAR members, our removal company’s team can take care of the entire loading process for Godalming homeowners, even if everything is going to container storage space.


Recycling Leftover Boxes


Once you arrive at your new property, house removal companies like our own can unpack your belongings and take away the packing materials with them. Our removal company uses recyclable boxes as part of our packing services to maintain an environmentally-friendly focus. Otherwise, it’s easy to flatten boxes and store them away for future use yourself.


They might come in handy for friends who need them for their own house removals in Godalming, Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey!

For help with packing and removals from your Godalming home, call the professional team at Sunnyside Removals UK Ltd on 01252 616 633. We also offer container storage facilities.