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Choosing the Best House Removal Companies in Frimley

The very best house removal companies aren’t too hard to find, especially for prospective customers in Frimley who don’t mind spending a little time researching the marketplace. At Sunnyside Removals, we want you to make the right choice not just for your relocation, but also for any additional services you require such as container storage or help with packing.


This page uses some of the examples Which? Magazine has previously listed for those who wish to separate the better removal companies from the rest of the removals sector.




Make sure you only consider house removal companies with prior experience in the Frimley area, and ask if they have membership to the British Association of Removers (BAR). The best removal companies, including Sunnyside Removals, will also be members of renowned supporting trade organisations such as the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Any company with these credentials will have been carefully vetted, and will have had credit, reference, insurance and administrative checks undertaken by an assessor.


Standards of Service


When most people think of house removal companies, they consider little more than the move itself. The reality is that the very best removal companies in Frimley will provide the supporting services you need. Sunnyside Removals, for example, will provide help with packing or, at the very least, will supply boxes and materials for you to pack personally.

We also provide container storage services where non-essential items can be kept safe and protected while you’re waiting until your new home becomes available. Container storage is ideal if you’re waiting for tenants to move out or for maintenance work to be completed.


Cost and Quotations


Avoid removal companies in Frimley which insist on cash-only transactions. It’s also advisable to ask if any house removal companies you might be considering are using subcontractors or agencies to do their work. Temporary staff tend to take less care over removals, and it’s better to look for a business that employs its own personnel.

All good removal companies will take the time to visit your current home in Frimley to survey how much furniture and belongings you have, especially if you’re going to be using their container storage services too. Sunnyside Removals further recommend that you avoid house removal companies in Frimley who charge for surveys and quotations.


Insurance Cover


Whether you’re planning to complete removals in a single day or wish to leave your belongings in a container storage unit, your personal property will still be in the care of the removal company. Even house removal companies offering packing services in Frimley have an obligation to make sure they have insurance in place to cover accidental breakages.

While such breakages are few and far between for Sunnyside Removals, we provide complete cover for your contents and your personal belongings. Even our container storage units are protected by the latest CCTV monitoring and Red Care alarm systems.


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