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Container Storage in Finchampstead, Berkshire & Hampshire

Using house removal companies for the transition from one property to another makes for light work but some of our previous customers in Finchampstead haven’t been able to complete removals as a single process because they haven’t found a new home to live in. Others may find themselves waiting for tenants to move out or for a property to undergo maintenance before they can move in. This is where container storage can come in handy.


Not all removal companies have container storage facilities available but Sunnyside Removals do. Because we’re located in Fleet, a mere 7 miles south of Finchampstead, our customers benefit from safe, secure and convenient container storage units which can house anything from furniture and white goods to valuable personal belongings.


Finchampstead homeowners who are planning removals have the option of bringing their property to us personally but, like most good house removal companies, we will happily arrange collection of your belongings using a van from our sizeable fleet. All of your non-essential items can be placed into container storage units on a short-term or long-term basis, and will be ready for you to collect (or have delivered) when you finally move in.


Hassle-Free Removals with Container Storage


• Container storage is competitive in price and provides excellent value for money

• We’re located just 7 miles from Finchampstead so belongings stay accessible

• Loading is simple. Transfer directly from your vehicle to the unit

• Alternatively, have Sunnyside Removals collect and unload your belongings instead

• Have access to your property thanks to our flexible opening hours

• Like all good removal companies, we have full CCTV monitoring facilities

• Container storage units have the added protection of Red Care alarm systems

• Know your property is being kept in clean, dry and safe conditions


Sunnyside Removals want all customers in the Finchampstead area to feel reassured over the use of our container storage facilities. Because our premises are fitted with state-of-the-art CCTV equipment, potential intruders prefer to avoid house removal companies such as our own because it’s a certainty we can capture their crimes on digital footage.


If you’re a commercial client, we remind you that container storage is an excellent option for keeping archives, office equipment, non-essential business items and even computer hardware. If you’re moving your business from Finchampstead to another location, talk to Sunnyside Removals and we’ll provide a helpful out-of-hours, evening or weekend service.

To discuss container storage and removals with one of the most trusted house removal companies covering Finchampstead, call Sunnyside Removals now on 01252 616633.