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Reduce Clutter During Removals in Farnham with Container Storage

Removals give property owners and tenants the ideal chance to rid themselves of clutter before leaving a Farnham address to travel somewhere new. While removal companies can’t help you in deciding what should be kept and what has to go, they can help in providing a home for clutter – especially if you’re unsure of whether certain items should be discarded or not – through the use of convenient container storage units.


At Sunnyside Removals, we have premises located just 6 miles from Farnham where container storage is available. By using house removal companies to hold your non-essential items while the important belongings are being moved in, you can plan the layout of your new home (or business property) and make a decision on what to do with the rest later.


Container storage is even more of a benefit to customers in the Farnham area who are undergoing removals and downsizing at the same time. We understand that it’s hard to let go of some items, especially if they have sentimental value. Leaving those belongings in our care while you decide whether they’ll fit into your new home or not can be much more reassuring, especially if you can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to them just yet.

Reputable House Removal Companies Provide Storage Solutions

Some removal companies covering the Farnham area won’t have their own storage facilities, and will use another service provider to take care of your belongings at probable extra expense. We understand that removals can be costly enough, even though we always do our absolute best to keep our prices competitive, so having container storage available for our Farnham customers is just one great reason to use us for home and office removals.


Even when container storage is available, you won’t be completely sure of what you’re getting from facilities until you see them. This is never the case with Sunnyside Removals. We can happily claim to have clean, dry and well-protected container storage facilities which can be accessed at convenient times thanks to our flexible working hours. This ensures customers in Farnham can get to their belongings without any fuss or hassle.


Container storage units at our premises in Fleet are protected by CCTV and Red Care alarm systems. When house removal companies offer you storage as an option, make sure their facilities are always of a suitably high standard. We want all removals from Farnham to be a complete success. That’s why we offer dedicated packing, removal and storage services as a proud member of BAR. We are also members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Reduce clutter when moving out of your Farnham property with container storage from Sunnyside Removals. Contact us today on 01252 616633.