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Advice on House Removals & Container Storage in Farnborough

Not too many house removal companies have such a good reputation in the Farnborough area as Sunnyside Removals. That’s because no two removal companies are ever the same and we’re incredibly proud to be different. This may come down to our friendly, customer-focused approach or the fact we can provide packing services and container storage facilities. Maybe, just maybe, it’s simply because we do things that little bit better.


On this page, we’ve provided advice to prospective customers which other house removal companies will often forget to tell you. We like to think our caring, understanding approach takes much of the strain out of removals. When you consider we’re also proud BAR and FSB members, it’s no wonder so few other removal companies can match us for great service.


Frustrating Fridays – For those undergoing large-scale removals in Farnborough, we recommend avoiding transitions on a Friday. While we rarely experience problems, other house removal companies do. If delays are incurred or the financial side of the transaction becomes problematic, you won’t be able to do much about it until after the weekend.


If you’re using container storage facilities from other service providers in or around the Farnborough area, you may not be able to access your belongings until the following Monday. Just as importantly, we think removals are tiring enough and nobody should lose the entire weekend to unpacking boxes. Your personal time should always be your own.


Make an Early Booking – If you have removals in mind, we strongly recommend that you research removal companies at the earliest opportunity. In doing so, you’ll be able to get the service provider you want. At Sunnyside Removals, we’re busy all year round. That’s why we urge you to contact us as soon as you’re ready to relocate from Farnborough.


Midweek and mid-month are the best times to organise removals. In fact, some house removal companies will provide a discount if you book in during these periods.


Container Storage – We know from experience that customers in Farnborough who are downsizing often find themselves frustrated at the lack of space for personal belongings in a new home. Our container storage facilities in Fleet give you the perfect opportunity to keep non-essential items in a clean, dry and protected environment until you need them.


Container storage is also an ideal option for anybody in Farnborough who can’t move straight into another home because current tenants haven’t moved out or the property needs to undergo cleaning and maintenance before it can be deemed habitable.


Consider Time – If removals are taking place locally or regionally, our company can easily handle the entire project in a day. If you’re moving out of Farnborough to somewhere further afield, even house removal companies as experienced as our own may need a little extra time to get things right. Always take time into account when planning removals.

This is a particularly important consideration for business clients who can’t afford to disrupt their operations when relocating. Most removal companies in the Farnborough area work set hours. At Sunnyside Removals, we help our business customers by undertaking removals outside of their own business hours. We even work during the evening and over weekends!

Call 01252 616633 now to discuss removals in Farnborough to any UK destination. Container storage facilities are also available in nearby Fleet.