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Planning Removals in Camberley & the Surrounding Area

Removal companies play a vital role in relocating furniture and personal belongings from one place to another, and this is something Sunnyside Removals can do better than most. This is endorsed by the testimonials of previous customers from Camberley who have used us to handle their removals in the past. While house removal companies certainly make a difference, however, the customer still has a vital role to play in making things run smoothly.


Planning is vital, particularly for those in the Camberley area who might want to use the packing services of removal companies or their container storage facilities. Effective planning counts for everything and removals can easily falter if something hasn’t been taken into account. The following tips from Sunnyside Removals should prevent this happening.


Top Tips from House Removal Companies




• Finalise the date and check with house removal companies that they’re available

• If you plan to use packing services, get these organised now

• For those who are packing themselves, order in boxes, materials and tape

• Book container storage facilities to ensure non-essential items can be stored

• If you’re moving from Camberley to overseas, make your travel arrangements

• Sort out the contents of lofts, sheds and garages well ahead of removals




• Take apart any self-assembled furniture. Most removal companies won’t do this

• Arrange for domestic appliances and white goods to be professionally disconnected

• Run down the contents of freezers ahead of removals to allow for defrosting

• Remove fixtures and fittings from your Camberley home if you want to re-use them

• Register with the Post Office to have mail delivered to your new home

• Give family and friends your new address so that you can stay in touch

• Confirm removal dates with house removal companies at this stage

• Don’t forget to let the bank and other financial bodies know your new address




• Put personal documents in a folder. Don’t leave these with removal companies

• Have aerials and satellite dishes removed from your Camberley property

• Take non-essential items to container storage facilities to save time later

• Prepare plants and valuables for removals by boxing them carefully

• Mark boxes for house removal companies so they can be identified at the other end

• Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothing and any toiletries you might need

• Finish the rest of the packing with the exception of essential items.




• Check nothing is left at your Camberley home before the removals team leaves

• Consider whether you need anything from your container storage unit

• Give house removal companies clear instructions of how to find your new home

• Have somebody waiting for the removals team at the other end

• Label rooms on arrival so that removal companies know where to leave boxes

Sunnyside Removals are always available to offer advice to Camberley customers regarding packing, moving and container storage services. Call us on 01252 616 633.