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House Removal Companies in Basingstoke | Your Questions Answered

At Sunnyside Removals, the one thing we’ve learned in 36 years of business is that no two house removal companies are ever the same. Some in the Basingstoke area will only be able to collect and relocate your belongings while other removal companies, including our own, will be able to provide additional services such as packing and container storage.


Naturally, the many differences between competing removal companies inspire questions amongst prospective customers in Basingstoke. On this page, we answer some of the more common queries we’re asked about removals and our supporting range of services.


Why should I consider house removal companies?


House removal companies take much of the stress out of relocating and leave you free to take care of other priorities. Sunnyside Removals can move you from Basingstoke to any UK destination with a fully-managed service covering everything from getting your belongings packed to providing a home for non-essential items at our container storage facilities.


Does your own company have good credentials?


Definitely! We’ve been in business since 1980 and our current team has more than 200 years of experience in the removals sector. Sunnyside Removals are members of British Association of Removers and the Federation of Small Businesses. These are credentials that very few removal companies in the Basingstoke area can match or even aspire to.


Why would I need container storage facilities?


Not everybody can make the move from Basingstoke to another property in one continuous process. There can be many reasons for this, such as waiting for old tenants to move out or for the current property owner to undertake maintenance. Container storage provides a convenient home for your belongings in a clean, dry, safe and secure environment.


Is container storage expensive?


Some house removal companies in Basingstoke won’t have container storage facilities and will use another company to provide this service instead. This works out to be more expensive for the customer. Sunnyside Removals have dedicated premises in Fleet where container units are monitored around the clock by CCTV and Red Care alarm systems.


Will your team take care of my possessions in transit?


Most definitely. All personnel working for Sunnyside Removals are part of the company. Some removal companies in Basingstoke use subcontractors and agency workers when they are busy, but we’ve found that hired staff are much more careful over removals than a casual workforce. With Sunnyside, your property is always in the safest possible hands.


Surely you incur breakages one in a while?


Because we train all staff to such high standards and employ them as part of the Sunnyside Removals team, our company experiences very few breakages compared to other house removal companies. Even so, all items in transit from Basingstoke, and those kept at our container storage facilities in Fleet, are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy.

To find out more about our services as one of the main container storage and house removal companies in Basingstoke, call Sunnyside Removals now on 01252 616633.