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Small-Scale Removals in Ascot & the Surrounding Area

While many of our customers in Ascot use us for large-scale removals, there are others who come to us with small-scale requirements. Some house removal companies refuse to deal with small-scale removals but we’re not the same as most other removal companies in the Ascot area. With Sunnyside Removals, service always comes first and we’ll treat your small-scale relocation with the same professionalism as we treat our large-scale removals.


What’s more, we’ll even offer help with the packing and will transport your belongings to our container storage facilities in Fleet if you don’t have a new home to move into just yet.


Small-scale removals require a service very similar to those provided by ‘Man and Van’ companies in Ascot. The difference with Sunnyside Removals is that you’ll still be getting the experience of a talented workforce and an established company at a truly competitive price. This is something very few competing house removal companies in the area can aspire to.


Why Choose Sunnyside Removals?


Convenience – Sunnyside Removals are only a phone call away and because we have a large vehicle fleet and a sizeable workforce, small-scale relocations in Ascot can nearly always be fitted in on the day you have in mind. Removal companies without a choice of vehicles will be less likely to be available whereas we’ll almost certainly be free to assist you.


Affordability – There are many different ways for Sunnyside Removals to make your move more affordable. If you live outside of Ascot and we’re emptying one of our vehicles for another customer nearby, we can collect your belongings on the way back to reduce travel costs. We also have our own container storage facilities which are surprisingly cheap to use.


Value-for-Money – When you use house removal companies in Ascot with just the one large van, you’ll still have to pay the same rates for a small load. Sunnyside Removals will survey your belongings and make a suitable recommendation for a van size that’ll ensure a genuine value-for money service. We promise to always get the job done at a price you can afford.


Stress-Free Service – Very few removal companies can cater for all of your needs but we’ll make sure every detail is covered. If you want help packing, all you have to do is ask. If you need to use our container storage facilities, we’ll make sure a unit is available. Sunnyside Removals will even transport your belongings to our Fleet premises so you don’t have to!


Logistical Specialists – While your removals journey might begin in Ascot, it could end anywhere in the UK or even overseas. Like all good house removal companies, we plan your move to perfection and take the most cost-effective route to make everything more affordable. Our vans are fitted with satellite navigation technology solely for this purpose.

From small-scale removals in Ascot to low-cost container storage solutions, Sunnyside Removals has all your personal needs covered. Call us today on 01252 616 633.